The best way to make money

  Do you want to know the best way to make money? A lot of advertisement out there mentioned," We can make money $100/day or $500/day, $1000/day  etc." and do you believe it!? It's actually true, but it will take time to process it for making money comes in a day or even instantly. For [...]

If not now, when?

Everybody  has a dream and there are two kinds of people live in their dreams. Some only keeps dreaming and no action! Some have  pursued their dreaming because they have the courage to make their dream comes true. If you have a dream then you have to do something! Just DO IT ALL YOU CAN [...]

Before moving to another country

Let's think about it before moving to another country. What is your reason and why? You must have a good reason because you need to take responsibility for all risk. A good thing and a bad thing could happen. If a bad thing happens, just remember you can always go home.  I like to share my experience [...]

Before I retire..

I hope to retire at the age of 70 and have a lot of saving in the Bank, debt free, the mortgage paid off. I am hoping to be always in health and can still travel to my country with my husband. The most important is to watch my only one daughter will get success [...]

Cara untuk tetap konsisten pada anggaran belanja anda

Simaklah beberapa tips di bawah ini : Lacaklah selalu biaya pengeluaran anda. Jangan beli barang apapun yang tidak tercantum dalam anggaran belanja anda, meski barang itu ON SALE !! jangan tergoda. Ini akan merusak anggaran  belanja anda. Anda mungkin hanya menginginkannya, tapi tidak membutuhkannya. Seringlah belanja dengan uang cash, jangan gunakan kartu debit atau kredit. [...]