The best way to make money


Do you want to know the best way to make money? A lot of advertisement out there mentioned,” We can make money $100/day or $500/day, $1000/day  etc.” and do you believe it!? It’s actually true, but it will take time to process it for making money comes in a day or even instantly. For example, most people said to make money instantly by selling stuff. Well, it’s true, but depends on how or where do you put the stuff. You can become ‘street seller’ that displays stuff to sell on the street and can get a buyer right away, but this depends if they need and they like your stuff, right? In conclusion, I think for making money needs a process and takes indefinite time and the best way to do it by doing with your passion. 
I know for a living, we can’t make money that way. We need a fixed income in time for paying bills, food, etc. It doesn’t matter, we like or dislike our job; we need a paycheck from a steady job! Just remember this! whatever job or career you’re stepping away from will always be there, but the opportunities to pursue your dream may not. It happened to me, “I don’t like working in the kitchen because I have not any background at all. But I have to make money for a living! I have no choice. But when the opportunity for the job that I like coming by then I take it right away. I don’t want to miss the chance and  I don’t believe either for the second chance when to come. Now, I am working in a job that I love it.” 


By the way, we are talking now about your passion. You need to define your passion first, what do you have your passion for? and I believe you also have a wish then I urge you to take a leap and see where it leads you. Don’t ever think to make money right away, just keep doing what you like and becomes very good at it and finally, money will come to you. You need to charge to people for your passion right, for example, you have a passion in cooking, you might open a catering for a party, events, meeting, some day or painting, you never know you own the painting gallery exhibition in the future.  People need to pay your hard work. Also, don’t forget to market yourself by using social media. If you don’t market yourself, you don’t exist!  You see now, you turned your passion for your career path by starting to make money and hope can make a full time living with that. The career that you build with your passion, you have to treat as your regular job, persistent and don’t ever stop! Good luck.


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